Arriving To Prom In Style

With over 300 dresses collected, 100 pairs of shoes, and three tables filled with accessories, our Prom Perfect event was larger than ever. For the second year in a row, the Change4Good Foundation teamed up with the Rotary Clubs to host a Prom Drive to help girls find their perfect dress, shoes, and jewelry in Wayne, NJ.

The event ran for two hours from 6-8pm. When the girls arrived, we immediately entered them into a raffle to win some fabulous prizes. We raffled off swag bags that contained a pair of headphones, a makeup kit, and journal. A total of 15 bags were distributed.

Over 75 students participated in the event, which took place at the High School. It was great to see the project take shape from start to finish. Not only were we responsible for soliciting the merchandise and helping to set up the event but we were also able to help the girls select their outfits and accessorize them and made a few friends in the process. Seeing the facial expressions of the girls when they found their perfect dress, jewelry, shoes, or won the raffle items was unlike anything we have every felt before. Knowing how happy we have made these girls was the best feeling in the world. The event in all was just a huge feel good event for everyone involved and we are already figuring out how to make it bigger and better next year.

Best part of it all…we made some amazing new friends.