Calling All Entrepreneurs

Not every project needs to be about raising money. Sometimes creating opportunities for others is just as important. With the Young Innovators to Watch Competition, Change4Good is Working with Living in Digital Times and CES to provide young entrepreneurs with a platform to get their projects noticed.

Our job is to help get the word out to schools and universities so important projects can get recognized and funded.

Our past scholarship recipients included 17-year-old Emily Kiehl who started Project Purple. Emily wanted to create a better way to treat lazy eye (or childhood amblyopia). To do so she created a virtual reality game that trains and strengthens the eye, addressing the condition.

We also recognized Varun Shenoy. Veron developed Theia, an app that uses AI to analyze photos of post-operative wounds and evaluate them for normalcy.

While I’m no scientist myself, our efforts have results in more students learning about the competition and having the opportunity to present their achievements in front of our panel of judges. For those selected they got to present at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, get press coverage and receive scholarship dollars.

You can apply here and if you have any questions, feel free to email me directly.