Kyle Stricof and Tyler Stricof Named Change4good Directors

Kyle Stricof and Tyler Stricof of Bedford, NY have been appointed Change4Good Directors in recognition of their years of service to Change4Good Foundation and their local community. Leading by example, the Stricofs continue to inspire other teens across the country to lend their time and talents to local organizations serving the greater good. Change4good Foundation applauds their consistent and meaningful efforts.


We were very honored to have been appointed Change4Good Directors.

During Covid, we realized how important it was to continue our work with Neighbors Link. We quickly volunteered to coordinate and deliver meals to immigrant community families who are in need during this pandemic crisis. Using our Spanish to communicate with the families and seeing their appreciation was truly rewarding.

In addition, to the deliveries, when our summer program was canceled, we found ways to work and earn some money. We decided to take a percentage of what we had earned and donate it to Neighbors Link. The feedback we received from the organization administrators reinforced the good feeling we had in our hearts.

“WOW!!! That is amazing! What awesome boys. This is appreciated and very honorable. It will help considerably as there are so many needs right now.”

“Thanks so much. ❤️ You two ARE kind and thoughtful young men.”

“ This is incredibly generous and heartwarming to hear about your donations!”