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Kyle & Tyler Stricof
Bedford, NY
April, 2018

Spotlight Stories

How did you first hear about Change4Good Foundation and what inspired you to join the movement?

We found out about the Change4Good Foundation through a friend who participated in one of the events  We were looking for inspiration from other youth who were looking to make a difference. When we found Change4Good, we felt it was the perfect fit. We reached out to the foundation, through email, and one of the Directors immediately got back to us and helped us to start our own project to benefit local kids who were not as fortunate as we were. Having their support throughout the process really helped us to maximize our efforts.

Tell us about your project! How can people get involved?

We wanted to do something to help make a difference in helping a child’s life. We found that connection with the local charity, Each One Counts (, that provides complementary pain management therapies to children receiving hospice and palliative care, that would help children who were terminally ill.Since our family always found enjoyment in playing Ping Pong, as a way to spend quality family time, we thought this would be an ideal way to engage other community members. We found, and got in touch with, a local table tennis establishment who donated the space for us to host a fundraiser. We reached out to our friends on Snap Chat and Instagram and had a big turn out to support our initiative. We raised money through admission to play and also by selling snacks and drinks at the event. The best part was how good we felt afterward about making a positive impact on others less fortunate than us.The experience, and our connection to the Change4Good Foundation, has inspired us to continue to get involved and give back to others. As incoming Freshman at Fox Lane High School, we have volunteered for Neighbors Link ( to help strengthen the entire community by enhancing the healthy integration of immigrants by mentoring elementary school students and by initiating additional fundraising activities.

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