Change 4 Good Foundation > Meghan Cohen Warren, NJJune, 2018

Meghan Cohen
Warren, NJ
June, 2018

Spotlight Stories

How did you first hear about Change4Good Foundation and what inspired you to join the movement?

I found out about your organization from friends and decided to look it up on social media.  I had started my project as a bat mitzvah project and found that there was a real need for what I was doing, but I needed some help to make it grow.  I reached out to Change4Good and they helped me to figure out how I can make my project better and hopefully happen yearly.

Tell us about your project! How can people get involved?

I started a book fair at a local community center.  I read a statistic that many children growing up in low-come households or households of non-english speakers do not have access to books at home.  I decided to collect books and have a book fair at the community center.  When my school has a book fair everyone comes and buys books, I know the kids at this community center do not have the money to purchase their own books.  We also updated a small library section that the community center had.  Many of the books they had there were old and worn.  We created a new and bright area for both children and adults.

The parents, children, and community center were so grateful for all of the books that the children were able to receive.  We even had local teachers stop by to take books for their classrooms.  It was really a great event.  I hope that in the future we can do these fairs more often and in more locations that need.