Tips for Asking for Raffle/ Silent Auction Items

1. Prepare a packet of information, including:

a. Information sheet including date, time, location, and type of event

b. Sheet explaining purpose of event and what you are trying to accomplish

c. Silent Auction/ Raffle Form

i. Donor Name and Address

ii. Contact Information

iii. Description of Gift

iv. Suggested Retail Value

d. W-9 form (if applicable)

2. Identify local businesses that you can approach

a. Restaurants (gift certificates)

b. Gym Memberships/ Training Sessions

c. Clothing Stores

d. Accessory Stores

e. Handbags

f. Giftware

3. Make a list and coordinate with your team members to determine who is the best to ask for each item

4. When you go to local businesses, you might have to just leave a packet behind. Make sure to get contact information so you can follow up

5. Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up!!

Don’t get discouraged if you get rejected. Not everyone is going to say yes and that’s ok! Stay positive and keep moving forward!

Have fun making a Change 4 Good!